A mighty long sad time has fallen by the wayside since you
You made me blue
I lost the glue
Don’t have a clue

Confusion prevails and I’m quite off the rails in my brain
I missed the train
A sad refrain
Out in the rain

Before my life was pure perfection
At least before your big objection
A cold rejection

I can barely function while sitting at the junction of numb
I’m such a bum
I’m feeling dumb
I broke my thumb

Synth solo

Now I see before it wasn’t all magic
Maybe you purposely made it tragic
Wreaking havoc

I’m feeling better now I finally see that you’re not here
Bye bye my dear
Solution’s clear
Won’t shed a tear

It’s mighty official now you can’t just whistle my name
I know your game
Remains the same
You killed the flame

You got the boot
The point is moot
I’m resolute
You’re destitute

Music and words by John Eberhard. Copyright © 2021. Vocals, drums and all keyboards by John Eberhard.