This Year’s Disease

I saw an item the other day
On the news I heard them say
There’s a new disease that’s growing
Makes you feel much worse just knowing
It affects more whites than blacks
We’re gonna have to pay a brand new tax
I hope they hurry up and get the facts today

I hope you aint caught, this year’s disease
Symptoms you haven’t got, No thank you please
They want to put you away in a padded cell
One thousand dollars a day still won’t make you well

The pharmaceutical companies
They found the perfect fix in time
It changes basic personalities
But only half the people turn to crime
I guess it’s such a minor price to pay
We should be happy that there is a way
To really get the bad disease to stay away


They got their money and their power trip
It’s not enough and so they tighten their grip
But times are changing and they’re gonna slip away

Guitar solo


Every year the psychiatrists
They announce their brand new list
The latest psychiatric diagnoses
Will increase the governmental proceeds
I didn’t know that I was mentally ill
And it will solve it if I take this pill
And sign the paper saying that I always will


Copyright © 2021 by John Eberhard. All Rights Reserved.

John Eberhard: all vocals, keyboards and drums. Kurt Belshaw: Guitars