part of an upcoming CD


Oh what a tangled web they weave
The things that they make you believe
A machine, and you don’t have a soul
You’re only just a piece of clay
Pretty soon you’re washed away
But I wonder, I have to say

Could it be, like the gods of Olympus, we
So much more than we know

Just a tiny little speck
Don’t you know you’ll never get any more
It was never in the cards
You have to learn, accept your fate
Maybe we can rehabilitate
But I wonder, and I have to say


I know, I see
There’s a higher path for me
It’s the spiritual, not physical
Finally, on my way

Who can write a symphony?
I know there’s so much more for me
And we will create a whole new world
We take off for the stars tonight
I know this time we’ll get it right
Yes I know, and I have to say


Copyright © 2021 John Eberhard. All Rights Reserved.

Vocals. drums and all keyboards by John Eberhard. Guitar by Larry Williams.