Next Time Around

A piece of art so good, that it belongs in the Louvre
It’s like a masterpiece, it gets your heart on the move
And all the strokes on the canvas are the best they can be
It’s what you give to me, it’s all the colors I see

Pre chorus
I know it’s crazy, but just a single life
It doesn’t seem quite long enough
Maybe we’ll make a, a new arrangement here
Create an even stronger love

One lifetime is not enough for me to spend with you my love
So keep an eye out for me, cuz you know I will find you
Next time around

Verse 2
There’s a new best seller that is just coming out
A tale of you and me, that’s just what it’s about
The characters are moving and the plot is divine
Can’t stop the pages turning, gotta read every line

Pre chorus


Verse 3
There’s a new play coming, the release is all set
They’re talking big awards, it’s gonna be a sure bet
And now the stage is ready, and the curtain will rise
And honey I will know you when I look in your eyes

Pre chorus
You think I’m crazy, I’m playing the longer game
A new adventure waits for us
And something tells me that you will feel the same
And we will make it fabulous


Copyright © 2021 John Eberhard. All Rights Reserved.

Vocals. drums and all keyboards by John Eberhard. Guitars by Larry Williams.