Never Agree

Journey far, on an empty sea
Never found any peace for me
Angry sky, the coldest rain
Never slowed my long campaign
I will remain
Miles to go before I’m done
The promised land
Sought by everyone

Came upon the isle of calm
Weary bones beneath the palm
Looking out, can see for days
Nothing here to stop my gaze
Above the maze
Answers here, simplicity
Now it’s clear
Don’t have to agree

Where am I, a destiny
Find the key to a mystery
Then I saw the stars collide
Never had a better ride
It’s clarified
Then I came back home to see
The answer’s clear
I’ll never agree

John Eberhard: Vocals, all keyboards, drums,
Frank Gambale: Guitars

Copyright © 2021 by John Eberhard. All Rights Reserved.