I walk along in the blistering sun, can I forget?
I got the curse of the empty pockets upon me yet
It doesn’t pay my bill for dinner, It doesn’t buy the things my baby needs
How do I become a man of means? Oh yeah

I finally found a dark cool cave, what do I see?
A pile of gold and jewels so high, it’s ecstasy
A voice behind says help yourself boy, In fact you feel free to pick up all you need
There’s only a minor price you see, Oh yeah

Got a monkey on your back
And you got your fingers in the stack
And you say you never will
But you got your fingers in the till
Can you ever walk away?

He told me that the deal was simple, carry him
The golden man on the coin was winking, it’s no sin
He said that I’d have to bring him with me, And carry him until all my gold was gone
And then I’d be free to carry on, Oh yeah

Pretty soon he told me what to wear, and what to do
The money like a needle in my arm, down the tubes
I didn’t mind the looks from my friends, I didn’t hear the words behind my back
How did I get so far off the track, Oh yeah


After a while my friend was smelling bad to me
Why couldn’t I be strong and change my destiny?
Next time I returned to the cave there, The golden man was laughing furiously
You’ll never be free of us you see, Oh yeah


Copyright © 2021 John Eberhard. All Rights Reserved.

John Eberhard: all vocals, keyboards, drums. Mitch Talevi: Guitars