Last time love, you were what I adored
Stronger than any I’d had before
But things didn’t go as we planned
Split apart, and we went our separate ways
Never again to look in your face

Long apart, and the time took its toll
Seemed like forces beyond our control
We’ve had time to look at ourselves
Recognizes mistakes that we made before
Maybe it’s time to try it once more


Forever alive when I have you near me
Forever I smile when I see your face
Looking up to me, now I can see heaven’s gate
Forever your love is the thing that saves me
It fits like a glove in a tight embrace
Now my heart can mend, long gone is my endless wait

Never know what you’ve got, till it’s gone
Now I know, after waiting so long
If the spark can still remain
You will save me by saying you feel the same
Forever your touch, I feel it again



The future never looked brighter than now, my dear
Your hand in mine is the thing that will calm my fear
Our dreams are alive, and the sun’s shining bright
Oh a brand new day. Our love is here to stay


Music and words by John Eberhard. Copyright © 2021. Vocals, drums and all keyboards by John Eberhard.