Follow it Carefully

I’m walking alone upon the hill, look down to the valley below
A wilderness far as I can see
Been traveling long by force of will, the darkness beginning to grow
Just maybe this world’s not meant for me
Then I came upon a clearing there, met a man who really seemed to care
Light it seemed to shine out from everywhere

I was wandering lost, that was yesterday
Didn’t even know I was too blind to see
Now I’m on the path, a man has found the way
We just have to follow it carefully

The longer I stayed, the more I knew, He taught us each day, more and more
The darkness began to fade away
And finally I could see anew, the answers to questions before
And maybe a better game to play
And I saw the crowds they grew and grew, Come to find out why, like me and you
We all heard the words that rang so true


The power of knowledge made us strong, reach out to the stars and beyond
Invisible chains dissolve away
The pain of the past is finally gone, we walk as our passions arise
We’re watching the dawn, a better day
And I came upon a new world there
Stood behind the man who really cared
Light it seemed to shine out from everywhere


Copyright © 2021 John Eberhard. All Rights Reserved.

Vocals. drums and all keyboards by John Eberhard. Guitars by Mitch Talevi.