Old man are you listening?
It seems a long time you’ve been missing
Cuz I was just here reminiscing
You’re so far away

We spent some time together
Shared some time and some endeavors
I thought we’d never break that tether
It all went away

My new invention
I’ll try to / need to / gonna change a world or two for you
A new dimension
More understanding
More tolerance and just a bit more truth
Mind expanding

There’s lots of things that we agreed on
A formula you could succeed on
But there’s one thing we could never meet on
It broke us apart

You reached out and got me reeling
From beyond the grave to tell me your feeling
Sometimes I feel like it’s still bleeding
A hole in my heart


And I’ll make a place where you’ll understand
A bridge all from here to a distant land
I’ll show you if you only take my hand
If you’ll look around and listen to me
You might hear some things where you will agree
A stronger and better reality

Guitar solo

I’d like to have a new conversation
Maybe share some information
And it might be a revelation
Can you listen to me?

If you could see the world through my eyes
There are some things that you might realize
And you might see a different sunrise
A feeling so free


Music and words by John Eberhard. Copyright © 2021. Vocals, drums and all keyboards by John Eberhard. All guitars by Kurt Belshaw.