Virginia heart and born the lucky son of wealthy man
Educated in the higher halls and learned to work the land
But the events that were to follow me I never could have planned
Who knew? Where to?

The continental Congress it was fighting for a chance
Do we toe the line and pay the tax, or take a battle stance
In the end we decided we’d define the circumstance
We’re free, you’ll see

We stepped out into midair
Risking it all
Invincible we could not err
Never to fall

Glory gone and troubled times have spread across the land
Two hundred forty years are gone like tiny grains of sand
How they destroyed the shiny new machine I don’t understand
All changed, deranged

They use money to control the people, simple and so neat
Create the Fed, run up the debt, and own us all complete
But it’s all just an illusion used to knock us off our feet
Their schemes, unseen

If I could only know their names, meet face to face
I would loudly tell their shame, time can’t erase

My name is Thomas J, you know me by my words
As long as truth’s self evident, my voice will still be heard
With firm resolve let’s take it back and change what has occurred
I know, let’s go

Music and words by John Eberhard. Copyright © 2021. Vocals, drums and all keyboards by John Eberhard.